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I accidentally spilled a liquid on my laptop and it completely shut off. May 19, at 7: November 12, at 2: Motherboard failure or just RAM failure? When I push the power button it does not turn on or make any noises as if it even wanted to power on but there is a flicker on one of the side lcd lights. Turn it off and remove the battery. Sounds like motherboard failure to me.

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I want to replace the motherboard but not spend too much many as it is an old laptop.

So, when you push on the power button, do you see any other LEDs lighting up? November 18, at First off, I want to thank you for creating such a fantastic and compal al51 site!!! Even if I downgrade it back to 1GB now, the problem is still there. October 3, at 6: Hi, I accidentally poured a drink into my laptop coursing it to coompal off. compal al51

System board also know as motherboard

Can you help me? Compal al51 14, at 7: The battery is now no more charging from charger. The DC jack not making good contact with the motherboard and has to be resoldered. Most likely this is a,51 related problem. I search for a while and i found this awesome forum to with very good and reliable tips for laptop repairs. May 1, at 3: I called Dell and they ran some tests via the phone and came to the conclusion that I needed compal al51 new motherboard, but they had me buy a battery also.

Other than compxl, it sounds like a problem with the motherboard. This is the Jack compal al51, you will need to reuse your harness.

Wiggle the plug and try turning on the laptop at the same time. March 7, compal al51 2: I need a laptop motherboard pcb design layout through which i can identify the signal flow for each component and each circuitry. Try removing the memory module from compa slot and turn on the laptop. Did this light work before they repaired the adapter? compal al51

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The sympom is the same, lights fan and nothing. October 19, at 3: Just to make sure all water is gone or dry. I just sent my computer back to HP. My question is, how do I go about determining where the problem is on compal al51 board, and where compal al51 I find information on how to repair it when I locate it?

System board also know as motherboard | Laptop Parts

August 11, at By the way, before you start, try reconnecting the memory module. Test laptop with each module separately. If the search function, to the right, does not return any compal al51 please compal al51 HERE to contact us via email with your make and model number. Oh by the way, I check the website it the laptop used compal al51 60 watt AC adapter but i just bought a 40 watt adapter could this be the reason or the motherboard?

February 7, at 9: Is your new CMOS battery good? September 22, at 4: Most likely the wine went down to the mothreboard and damaged it. I have checked that it is not the screen because I tried a compal al51 light from a broken screen and this does the same thing….

Is there compal al51 fuse or something on the motherboard that can be replaced. If you find one, unsolder the eithernet port and solder it to your motherboard. When Toshiba logo appears on the screen, press Esc key or F1, compal al51 F2. My presario CQ61 hang when it boot to destop environment.

I was just curious about my motherboard. June 20, at 5: If Compal al51 understand correctly, your laptop still works fine, except the hibernation and stand by. November 13, at 9: I removed compal al51 RAM module which seemed to compal al51 me a little more screen time, but it is still not maintain the display. October 23, at 8: The power light comes on also when the battery is in the laptop.

I cleaned it up but it still does not work at all. Connect this enclosure to another working computer — laptop or desktop. Can you test the laptop with another adapter? June 7, at 8: Oh yea it works just fine plugged in.

Did Compal al51 kill the motherboard? March 4, at 1: Normally, the external monitor should be detected automatically. Most likely you damaged the motherboard.

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