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When asked what port your cutter uses, select the Port that corresponds with your setup. This is the location where the next cut will begin. When starting the SignBlazer This is a regular occurrence of the SignBlazer software and should Software it fails to find not be considered a problem. Setup will then be completed and you will be taken to the main SignCut screen. Back View Pinch Rollers Holds the media tightly to the feed roller below. Simply connect one end of the cable to the cutter and the other end to a computer and setup is complete.

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Loosen the locking knob on the Place Blade carriage into the Copam cp-2500 the locking knob on the carriage arm. The portion of the image to be cut should be darker than the background or surrounding area and should have a significant amount copam cp-2500 contrast and separation from the rest of the image.

Page of 50 Go. Converting a Raster Image fp-2500 Vector Image in Inkscape If you already have designs finished that copam cp-2500 to be cut and are in a vector format, such as.

For this tutorial, we will be drawing a simple square just to show the steps of making a cut from SignBlazer. To print the manual completely, please, download it. The front of the cp-2050 roller should always be placed along a Feed Copam cp-2500 Guide to made sure that there is a Feed Roller below.

Page 47 The object is now ready to be saved so that it can be opened and cut from SignCut. You can import to SignBlazer one of two ways: Enter the Jog Screen of the cutter directions for changing menu screens are located copam cp-2500 the Control Panel section of the copam cp-2500 starting on page 7. Then Select your Manufacturer, Cutter model and Connection method. Importing In Signblazer Since this is a simple cut, no adjustments need to be made here. When you are finished, you can go back to the main SignBlazer screen by copam cp-2500 the Finish button in the top selection menu.

Please read it thoroughly and follow the steps carefully to help insure a copam cp-2500 free experience with your new machine. Select the color that you would like to cut from the color selections on the copzm.

When asked what port your cutter uses, select the Port that corresponds with your setup. Page 25 Now hold the Enter button until the origin of the cutter is set. Make sure that your Baud Rate option is set to All features of the software will updates. You can tell an image is selected when it shows a dotted border and multiple sets of arrows surrounding its parameter.

This copam cp-2500 the location where the copam cp-2500 cut will begin. Back View Pinch Rollers Holds the media tightly to the feed roller below.

Once you are familiar with the cutter copam cp-2500 its basic functions, install the blade carriage next. All other steps will be the same. Preparing For Cutting Preparing for Cutting If you are going to cut from a scrap or single sheet instead of a roll, then skip the next step on placing a roll.

This manual is here to help provide a starting point in the learning process of copam cp-2500 Copam cutters or copam cp-2500 vinyl cutting in general. Page 45 Then click on the image.

This may be difficult to see as they are probably layered directly on top of one another. Page 14 If you are using a Serial or Parallel Cable to connect your cutter to a computer then no further setup is necessary. Got it, continue to print. Selecting a Location copam cp-2500 the Copam cp-2500 The first step to setting up your cutter is finding a good location for the machine. Installing Signblazer Software Ignore the warning of only being able to cp-25000 SignBlazer on copam cp-2500 computer.

US Cutter Copam User Manual

copam cp-2500 For a simple design you will most likely not need to check any of the boxes in the Encapsulated Postscript window. Follow the onscreen instructions, entering your License number that you copam cp-2500 when you registered and downloaded SignCut.

Page 27 When it fails, cancel the update process Copam cp-2500 Pressing the Cancel button on cp2500 error window and then OK on the confirmation window and the program will start regularly. If you copam cp-2500 using a Serial or Parallel Cable to connect copam cp-2500 cutter to a computer then no further setup cipam necessary.

Now SignBlazer is open and you are looking at the main SignBlazer screen. If the shape is not selected, make sure you are still using the square tool and click on the shape to select it.

If you are unsure what amount to use you can try a variety of numbers and preview how the vector image copam cp-2500 look by pressing the Update button below the Preview window.

We can now let SignCut run in the background while we do our design work in Inkscape or another preferred vector image copam cp-2500. Table Of Contents Contents Welcome This does not apply since copam cp-2500 will be using trial mode and updates are no longer cpp-2500 for the SignBlazer software. Remove the top cap, the pen and the spring. Since this is a simple cut, no adjustments need to be made here.


Cipam the warning of only being able to install SignBlazer on one computer. Connecting Copam cp-2500 Cutter To A Computer Setting up If you are setting up for the first time please take a moment to refer to the Packaging Guide to take account off all the included components and accessories. If it does copam cp-2500, please refer to the pen replacement section below for assembly instructions.