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Black Resin Panel from the Color Ribbon. Also See for P Programmer’s manual – pages. Description Loads a single line of Monochrome bit-map data into a monochrome image buffer. While every effort has been made to keep the information contained within current and accurate as of the date of publication, no guarantee is given or implied that the document is error-free or that it is accurate with regard to any specification. None of these operations require issuance of additional commands. Printing A Sample Card WindCard software, or printer command level programming through the printer interface. Page 11 means dye-sublimation black also has a five-bit- per-dot range 32 levels of gray.

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A command error condition occurs when image data extends beyond the addressable range of the image buffer. Not sure how to choose an ID card printer?

Technical Specifications Rev. Operation and maintenance requirements for the P Printer with the optional mag- netic card stripe encoder. Page A Rev. Eltron card printer p310 Five imaging ribbons are offered: Warranty Eltro 12 months from the date of purchase by the end user. Note that this command only applies to Eltron card printer p310, P, and Max printers.

However, a separate Print Head cleaning using swabs can remove more stubborn deposites when print anomolies persist. Ff Command – Set Ribbon Sequence! C abcoffice A cleaning using the Cleaning Cards usually suf- fices. Serial port connected printers re- spond with a model number and firmware version.


X Command – Check Command Initiator! This command does not return the track data format or density to default values.

ID Card Machines

Note that three Image Memory configurations Arrangements exist and that Image Memory always contains com- pressed data. Card distortion can produce encoding errors. Prlnter D This Appendix includes an example of a P com- mand sequence that offers both optimization and loopback features for duplex printing.

To print the manual completely, please, download it. This makes it easy to integrate the ID cards into other systems for access control, time-and-attendance, and other tracking. Appendix E This Appendix offers examples of Max Secure com- mand sequences for the various ribbon types.

Page 8 Appendix D If eltron card printer p310 one color image buffer exists, the command designates the buffer differently according to the buffer specifica- tion parameter eltron card printer p310 the command. Get personalized recommendations from the ID experts.


Don’t have an account? The process requires several manual steps:. Parallel ports are the standard.

Do you need to automatically print on both sides of the card? The programming commands control the printing process by color and by ribbon material, allowing overprinting and separate control of various multi- ple-overlay finishes.

Some bar eltron card printer p310 types have a selectable bar code width ratio. Figure shows how a bit-map relates to associ- ated non-compressed data.

For Clear Card only printing: Do you need a magnetic stripe?

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Page 24 Rev. The parameter for End of Print causes the print head to raise at the end-of-card point, not the end of data. Bit-Map Characteristically, a bit-map compression algo- rithm flags data segments as either repeating or Compression non-repeating, specifies the bytes repeated, and the Algorithm For Max Eltron card printer p310 Systems, which have no var- eltron card printer p310 requirements, the varnish buffer supplies the bit map for the White Card image. Come back to File menu and point Page Setup.

What security features does your desired ID card solution require?