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Maybe one memory slot on the motherboard is defective. Sometimes reconnecting the video cable on the back of the screen fixes the problem. Ron Kelly June 28, Did you spill any liquid on the keyboard? Just one line or many vertical lines? I cannot type any words properly due to keep on toggling between capital letter and small cap. With water damage anything could be wrong.

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Then the drive stops also. Great website with good resources. Getting hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader it is a pain, but can be soldered onto the auxillary board. The power light is on on the front of the computer and another light flashes 3 times when I push the power button to turn it on but nothing happens.

Compaq evo n, would only turn on once in a blue nc7010, then would switch off without warning, at random.

You can try this. If you have two modules, try removing them one by one and test the laptop hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader each RAM stick separately. Just one line or many vertical lines? I would like to find a video or photos with more detail so i could see the proper places for parts better then is possible with the pictures from the service manual.

HP Compaq manuals | Laptop Repair

Joe March 19, Paul December 16, Amy February 17, I have to restart to start it working again. When you touch the laptop, the memory module loses connection with the slot. Larry April 20, When it did power up, it worked fine until it turned off instantly after a hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader amount of time.

If nothing else works, then the EVO is getting shipped to the trash heap. Andrea, Unfortunately, there is not much you can do. Will it work with one of the modules installed?

HP Compaq manuals

James April 25, It was about using a USB enclosure to mount the hard drive out of a laptop in order to access the hard drive in a laptop which had failed…my laptop! It is not worth replacing the mainboard. Mikey July hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader, It will help you to find out witch memory module is bad. Try reconnecting the cable.

Have done a hard reset.

It can be a memory related problem. The manual helped a treat. Somehow the battery had a little power left, just enough to turn it back on, and within literally a second I plugged the AC power in and started charging the battery.

David, Look at the keyboard.

Close enough to hx7010 the job. I can do the basic. Sarah Z March 26, I tryed these things with no luck: Asked me for the power-on password. Could be just wrong settings. Am I mistaken or did HP stop offering the service guides. There was no sound. If you have only one module, try moving it into the empty slot. I need to take the bottom off i have taking all the screws out and it still want come off i need to solder the ac connection back together. hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader

Salan May 18, Andrew, I think this could be a software related problem. Yep, that sounds about the same.

Purchased new battery, but it just ran down the battery and did not recharge. For me, the hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader blinked in sync at approx a 1 sec interval. I need to know how you would take the keyboard off of a Compaq Presario C Levi, Did you try moving the memory module from one slot to another.

Hi, all can anyone help me find the fault on my HP NX laptop I turned it on but nothing started up! Boris D October 1, Wow, this is one heck of a list! Debi May 15, As it sits right now there is nothing but one stick of ram in it, no HD, no DVD, the needed hardware to get it started. James November 2, When I turn power button on the little lighting bolt light comes on but computer does not turn on is it in hibernaction of hp compaq nx7010 sd card reader kind how u fix it.

Sadly, the magic was only short lived. Here are links to manuals with step-by-step disassembly instructions.