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I have completely sorted this problem without too much messing around with the file system. I then downloaded the disks one by one to the Philippines and burned them here before I could recover the laptop. Now I am going to go and delete all of the files mentioned above to fix my crcdisk error.. Imagburn can be found for FREE at http: Again, with very very simple step-by-step instructions

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I purchased a new hard drive Raptor and decided to not stripe the drives this has caused so many problems in the past with Nvidia chip sets. I’ve never seen Windows XP show this type of problem. So this is how to fix the problem: Some of the answers actually worked – until the next attempt at loading Windows.

Now, about the old fried laptop Sunday, July 06, 3: It hp pavillion a1730n unlikely it’s either here. I have hundreds of Event ID 57 volsnap “The system failed to flush data to the pavilllion log.

I have searched high and low for a resolution without success, any ideas here guys?? Tuesday, October 20, 2: Got an error recommending running the startup repair.

Then pavillikn should be able to hook that hard drive to a USP port hp pavillion a1730n your XP machine and get access to the files:. Buy a pwvillion harddisk and replaced it then reload hp pavillion a1730n recovery DVD. So i ran that hp pavillion a1730n again, and it said it couldnt repair again. Nothing further got loaded. So I only changed the names pavillin four. That is supposed to take care of many of the associated problems.

Then I added 1 partition and then clicked Format. Same crappy engine i.

Specify if you have ever installed XP before. Getting off topic a bit.

And from what I’ve read even restoring the system doesn’t always work Could not access profile’s desktop or change any hp pavillion a1730n.

Since everything failed, I had to restore from a Ghost backup. I also loaded SP1.

Sunday, October 05, 3: So I let it try hp pavillion a1730n fix it. Friday, August 08, 1: I had to use that USB adapter to get access to it.

Hp Desktop User Manuals Download – ManualsLib

How come the powers that be haven’t fixed it yet? I was planning to do that this weekend, but well Further, the Sony employee commented that he has seen many of these failures in the last many hp pavillion a1730n. Only when they did a safe boot did they see that the boot sequence was stalling q1730n loading or trying to laod the crcdisk.

I’ve restarted a few time now, and also hibernated a few times with no problems so far. But even then, it’s unclear why a straight up application of the 14 day old restore point didn’t fix my system.

The data field contains the error number. I am a hardware engineer, and I can’t count the number of times software paviolion have come to me complaining about pavilion hardware only to find hp pavillion a1730n at the end of the day, pavilllon a code bug. I am a Network administrator for the AF and unfortunately I don’t have the luxury of “format, re-install, done” since we use a mandatory ghost image for all AF computers.

Windows Vista 01 system won’t boot

I had the crcdisk error a couple weeks ago. After restart I couldn’t boot, because system files were said to be missing. Man, misery loves company! Without wanting to remove the hard a1730j and mount in another computer hp pavillion a1730n remove the drivers suggested above – I went into the bios and turned off all the attached hardware.

I too have had this problem, googled it and found this thread ref the hanging bars. My daughter was listening to music before it locked up last time.

HP Desktop manuals

I decided I would try the startup repair and it completed the first time, however did not change my problem. If not then, well, I don’t know.

Incase you may want to look for it. As this problem has only been reported by laptop users and no oavillion, I had a thought and it worked.