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So if I can fix her, I’d like to keep her. Does this indicate a problem with the optica sensor? The tech mailed me a new board! How do you “rotate the drum manually” to get to it? Could this be a fuser problem? Can someone step me through it please, or offer some advice? Recently the printing started to print a couple of inches below the set margin and then the bottom of the page text gets cut off.

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Konica Questions answered here | FixYourOwnPrinter

I’ve got a BizHub I unjam the paper and the same thing happens again. I have KM Pagepro W printer, and prints dirty pages. I can’t remove the black toner cartridge from my Magicolor Found this at company magicolor 4650en site. I’m not sure how the printer determines the paper size as it feeds magicolor 4650en the printing mechanism, but it seems to be misreading the dimensions. So I traded these parts between two printers and found that after printing several sheets that the problems magicolor 4650en in fact switch printers.

This was only visible after removing drum from assembly.

I’m on a Mac OS magicolor 4650en Of course this printer is not networkable but can be networked. This is magicolor 4650en frustrating-I never have this problem with my HP laser printer.

If so, how can I order a new one? Sorry, What do u mean by refresh? DId you ever find out the issue I am having the same problem now – Anonymous.

I read somewhere that I should clean the three prong device that makes contact with the cartridges.

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If this doesn’t help feel free to send me an email and I magicolor 4650en ask some more detailed questions. The one in the center that catches the paper as it is lifted.

Both these shells snap into place. The rotor assembly has been known to “jump teeth” causing the rotor magicolor 4650en to become off balanced, thus causing streaks or smudges down one side. Konica Minolta magicolor EN: With all that 4650e toner around, you can basically ruin a printer. Does anyone magicolor 4650en a solution?

Hi, We have a Kon.

If somebody has any magicolor 4650en please share with me. I need it to print exactly magicolor 4650en because I am printing on both sides and then cutting the paper to the edges of the document I am printing, but when I cut it it is fine on one side and on the other the words get cut off.

Konica Questions answered here

I have a konica magicolor Make sure the diode is clean. If something requires cleaning could you point me to a dissasembly guide and magicolor 4650en tell me what solution I could use I’d rather use a household product – meths, white spirit etc if possible! We reinstalled it several time and receiving the same error massage. The printer feeds paper from the tray, it goes magicolor 4650en the printer, comes out at the top – but just before the sheet of paper is released ejected into the collection bay at the top, magicolor 4650en stops.

Is the intermittion use the issue or what?

Subsequent prints would be normal. The media feed rollers become dirty after a certain amount of prints. So if I can fix her, I’d like to keep her. I magicolor 4650en removed the toner and I can’t see anything stuck magicolor 4650en. It just looks to me like a mechanical issue.

The printer is just out of its 1 month warranty unfortunately! Along with the noise the error light started flashing quickly. The drum having to be magicolor 4650en doesnt mean you need cartridges as they have different lives. I’ve discovered that I had the fuser separator levers adjusted for envelope printing. The printer overall is pretty sweet magicolor 4650en the ink lasts for an extremely long time.