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Without installing any additional drivers the following card readers are tested and work without issue:. Ships same day if ordered before 4 p. If you have previously installed libcackey. Easiest may be to download all on a CAC enabled computer and then transfer to the Linux computer via thumb drive. Once obtained, the RPM will install without issue. Download the following from the forge. Make sure that the utility is properly installed.

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Make sure that the utility is scr3500 smart card reader installed. This works, but is very slow to access the CAC certificates. To check and see if the daemon has indeed crashed execute this in terminal: Recommend these be stored on AKO Files, Dropbox, portable media, or other location to ensure continued access.

Wednesday, 11 April In stock and ready for shipment. Without installing any additional drivers the following card readers are tested and work without issue:.

SCR3310v2.0 USB Smart Card Reader

Continue for All versions of Firefox. The certificates can be obtained from this link: You may have to install additional drivers for your hardware. Monte Chartier Rating: Are you interested in subscribing to the CACNews email list?

In most situations, CoolKey is preferred. Haven’t quite figured it out but yes. Scr3500 smart card reader Update or Review: Fernando Radford Rating: Data Sheet scr3500 Detailed Specifications. Last modified on Wednesday 11 April, Wilson Blvd.

The downside is, this module does cause the pcsc daemon to require restarts from time to time. The system will hang long enough that the sites may time out.

If you remove and insert scr3500 smart card reader card with no response during the scan, the daemon has crashed. The certificates that require installation are the following: Search OpenSC within your distribution page If you find the pcsc daemon has crashed smxrt can run this in terminal to restart the daemon: O2 Micro Oz 00 00 Sun Mar 24 Set Firefox to Require Selection of Certificate.

Each have their strengths and limitations. While in terminal in your home directory, run rwader of the two following commands as scr3500 smart card reader user.

If you find the pcsc daemon has crashed you can run this in terminal to restart the daemon:. The aforementioned DoD configuration extension has been deprecated and will not longer install into Firefox.


It should reflect the CoolKey module:. Be sure to select the smaft that corresponds with your scr3500 smart card reader version. Waiting for the first reader If you are not Dual Persona, this is by far the best module to use as it is stable, accesses certificates quickly, and does not cause the pcsc daemon to hang.

It does work and sometimes requires an untimely page refresh.

Firefox 57 and later. Due to its small design, this ID1 reader is ideal to be bundled with smart cards and software to support large scale project roll outs. Unfortunately, Chrome Chromium doesn’t automatically recognize the CAC once you’ve completed all the previous steps but it doesn’t take much more work to get Chrome to work scr3500 smart card reader the CAC.

Go to a CAC-enabled scr3500 smart card reader https: This is arguable the most stable method for accessing your CAC.

uTrust 2700 R Contact Smart Card Reader

skart If you have trouble with IcedTea https: Linux support provided by Nathan Wolf. If it doesn’t scr3500 smart card reader then the entries are wrong. See the openSUSE example here as a reference: Linux support provided by: We use bit SSL encryption for the transfer of all confidential information. If you were not in your home directory when configuring modutil you will receive an error like “modutil: