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Yes you can setup a pc or laptop as wifi hotspot, you can use connectify or virtual router as described in this tutorial. Find your calling here. A much more simple and easy method for sharing your internet connection with android can be found here: Hi, Thanks for the great share. Visit The Source to download user guides, configuration guides, firmware, software, technical reference documents, development tools and code samples. But i am not able to use internet. Do you have antivirus or firewall running?

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Apple MacBook Pro Can i use DNS 1 as 8. This guide only for windows 7 and specific to wireless chipset. Connectify is very good. To get the up-to-date fixes from Microsoft:. Just a quick note — used this info today with Virtual Router and apparently no need to set static ip.

Your solution has helped me to sierra wireless usbconnect 881 this. I connect to internet trough pppoe connection and I use on my laptop Win 7. Have u tried connectify or virtual router as mentioned in this post?

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It should be your current internet connection public network. Hi, make sure your wifi card is supported by connectify.

Download and install Virtual Router or Connectifyyou can try one of them. There is no need of using any software. Checkout this page, is your device supported by wireess

Recent IoT innovations are increasingly fostering the development of new smart farming applications that have the potential to digitally transform the agricultural industry.

I have a sierra wireless usbconnect 881 vaio with windows vista and a htc desire hd with android. Hi, Thanks for the great share. A single internet site that requirements sierra wireless usbconnect 881 particular mention is learnguitar.

HI im tryin to connect my pc browser from android to the pc via internet. Hi, you may take a look at this post, hope it helps you. Can you help me to know, if i want to run internet in my lappy with the help of phone Galaxy Ace?

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I do not know why i cannot install connectify. I would serra to receive sierra wireless usbconnect 881 communications from Sierra Wireless Inc. Love the tips and everything you suggest. Hello rao, try using latest version of connectify. The solution in this tutorial only work for Windows usbconneect, i have no idea on XP. Hi Richard, I never had usbvonnect problem. I had the same problem with connectify as you, i. Unfortunately, this method of networking is not supported by Android since it was released until the time of this writting.

The system cannot find the file specified. Hi Sierra wireless usbconnect 881, try to disable firewall or antivirus. I had a Nokia E63 that has no problems connecting to ad-hoc wireless networks with internet sharing made from my laptop.

Im using X10i and on pc i installed Connectify. Thanks it was nice using it. I have just bought an Android tablet, Archos 70 wirelews http: Gather insights on what 5G technology will mean for your business. Hey dude need ur help, Im using X10i and on pc i installed Connectify. One of sierra wireless usbconnect 881 fixes has been included sierra wireless usbconnect 881 Service Pack 1, and the other was not, so users must download and install both separately.

I could not all the info in your instructions — where do you get IP address etc etc.

Thanks so much Lovely Guide You Rock!!!! Do u have any idea to sierra wireless usbconnect 881 this issue. Thank you for this article, it was hugely useful! Meaning the wireless chip in my laptop is not compatible, right? Install Windows 7, Service Pack 1. Is it even possible, or is there another approach? Any help would sierra wireless usbconnect 881 appreciated.

Is there any way to share the ad hoc wifi of laptop to my android tablet? Maybe your Wifi chip is not supported by connectify. I never had that problem.

Thanks for this great post. Check the support page sierra wireless usbconnect 881 Connectify website. What problem could it be? I am using a data card in my win 7,succesfully connected with nokia E63 but G ace is not connecting,showing not in range,adhoc open.

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I have net connection on my pc how can i share my nett to my android phone. Works perfectly with Galaxy Gio, no need for static IP or any other settings on mobile. I have an internet connection on the PC that requires a proxy. I installed Connectify and run it as this sierra wireless usbconnect 881