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It intermits back to normal for a while and then eventually screws up again. The pin is broke on the power jack. Apparently, the backlight bulb part of the screen has been damaged. I would contact the seller before you buy it, to make sure the part is compatible. I took this laptop to a laptop repair shop and they previously told me that it was a mother board issue which would have been too costly for me to fix.

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Batterie ordinateur portable

Thank you for posting this information satellitw let your readers know that the DC jack pin problem refers to the P15 Series as well! The keyboard is useless now anyway, so if I mess it toxhiba I would either use an external keyboard or just use it as a DVD player. P or P backward compatible. I have replaced the hard drive reinstalled from the recovery disk, but during the recovery process it will lock up and I need to reboot it multiple times to get it to finish the install.

I seem to have pulled the keyboard connector away from the main board — not the lock, the actual connection between the board and the locking mechanism. After toshiba satellite m35x s161 assembly the laptop started with a good video on the LCD screen. This problem has been happening for at least six months now and I have had the computer for several years with no problem. If you still can see an image, it could be just a bad FL inverter board.

If this computer is desktop, it is not a big deal. Does anyone know how to do that one? You can run it for toshiba satellite m35x s161 few days and it will not toshiba satellite m35x s161.

Cat hair had clogged everything. There are NO peripherals or cables connected to the machine. Thanks to your guides I was able to, maybe a m35 over cautiously, or fearfully reseat the inverter connections. Screen is bright toshiba satellite m35x s161 no inverter problems. Just leave it as is. Usually you can see only a very faint Toshiba logo in the middle or a faint Intel logo in the lower right corner, and after that everything is very dark. There is 23 steps, right?

Test s1161 a multimeter if there is a connection between the top and the bottom. It also could be a problem with the power toshlba.

Hey Matt, Did you check the power jack itself? My previous post should read: If I turn it off and then turn ON by pressing power button, it sounds that fans are running and after toshiba satellite m35x s161 time datellite sound stops and nothing toshiba satellite m35x s161 on the screen.

Apparently, the backlight bulb part of the screen has been damaged. In AS the DC jack is not a part of the system board.

Toshiba Power Cords

One more thing I thought of, toshiba satellite m35x s161 a while, when I turn the computer on, it would not turn the screen on. Prior to all this happening, the laptop had been running on battery toshba quite awhile, so the power level was way down. And i toshiba satellite m35x s161 that xatellite power jack is indeed cracked. Thanks for your help. A bad wireless card can cause very weird problems. Resolder the jack and it should take care of your problem. Its on an Compaq Notebook. Do you have any suggestions what I should do?

Can you tell me what could be the problem? That has something to do with an eletric shock toshiba satellite m35x s161 the speaker, or around the speaker, and is definately not what my laptop was doing. My research landed me here.

The repair manual says it needs a board. I guess it is possible to buy a bad system board for cheap and take USB ports from it.

It toshiba satellite m35x s161 a mhz celeron with mb ram and a 6gb harddisk. CJ, thanks for the advice. I have the same problem! Luckily, both parts — the video cable and the inverter board are not expensive. I dont know where to turn now.

I would try find a service center who can replace the j35x bulb, it should be much cheaper then buying a new screen. I did not bend the lcd or any thing that i know of where the back pannel of the lcd would be broken i cant see any cracks or any thing either.

The OSD works fine as well. It has come back now and is no longer covered. Whether you need a toshiba satellite m35x s161 in tlshiba pinch or you’re simply running low on household essentials, a Shipping Pass subscription gets you the things you toshiba satellite m35x s161 without hurting your pocket.

What is the problem actually? The battery is getting charged when AC power is connected, but the battery charge LED goes off as soon as you turn on the laptop.

It then drains the battery. Please note that I DO NOT have extended warranty on this laptop and the 1yr original warranty has expired in december Took it apart and touched the solder up and reassembled. I satllite the machine off and could hear it boot but the screen would not come on.

toshiba satellite m35x s161

Batterie ordinateur portable pour Toshiba Satellite C | 01

Also i have some older thinkpads here mines a T30 and toshiba satellite m35x s161 know that they have working inverters and bulbs, can i use one of them maybe some soldering to just use as a test, maybe pernament.

If anyone has any k35x suggestions, that would be greatly appreciated. If the battery is charged and the AC power cuts off, the laptop should run on the battery power.