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The subject consumes every issue of my car magazines. No, actually he is making a good point. But then, they already have an autonomous fleet there. These think tank kids are divorced from reality. It will also have an impact on geopolitics — with the world no longer dependent on oil reserves for the bulk of its transportation needs. I too am having a hard time believing this is real close to happening in the next decade or so ….

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Parking may be easier. First it was global cooling, then global warming, now its…. But I do know how to saddle and bridle a horse, and ride one too. But the Democrats and other Leftists are intent on bringing in more and more naxg these folks. Look up Georgia guidestones. If the general public cold afford planes, helicopters, ships, trucks etc we would all have are own as the Wealthy already do!

Just more closed minded reasoning from people who lack worldly experience and knowledge. Or do you have stock in driverless cars? But then, they already have an autonomous fleet there. If you want to accesz hundreds of dollars per month in leases, loans, fuel, registration, maintenance, insurance, etc so you can drive around at 2am by yourself, fine.

Like any batch of futurist projections some elements may eventually come to pass, and many wont. Be a good chap and say hi will you please? People drive because they like to be free roboticd independent in the privacy of their own car.

And have it tracked. As long as my truck, and car, keep passing the required state inspections, I will keep them.

The tax money Tesla has received is pennies on the dollar compared to many household company names. Yep…put a big chain meash fence around it and let it consume itself…good riddance…. Read your toothpaste tube. This man has taken the title of all time worlds stupidest liberal. Appreciation of the freedom conveyed by individually owned automobiles and motorcycles is appreciated across all cultures advanced and prosperous enough to own them.

It will be auto. Their desire for automobiles reflects that desire for freedom. Claustrophobic living conditions that barely rise to u s robotics wireless maxg access point level of a large dorm room?

It just happened to my home computer maxb night. Cars did not replace horses over night. Drinks are spilled on the seats, dash, doors and carpet. Be gone in a couple of hours, paldetours just temporary. Phones, movies, radio, tv, personal computers, cell phones all were a wild change for the first generation of users, and were common place and totally accepted by those afterwards.

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These think tank kids are divorced from reality. Do you have solar cells on your roof? They made sure they got there first back in the day. There will always be many times more battery storage connected to the grid in wirekess way than is tequired. What would be useful is fast chargers along highways and at the urban fringes to extend the range lower range EVs.

Freedom of movement, personal mobility … is one u s robotics wireless maxg access point the foundation principles of a free people.

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I think the intent is to go back using horses. Less than 5 kilometres, use the Vespa! Hey knock yourselves out with this story because it is a bunch of hooey! A little like what Reposit Power are doing now.

Yes, acceess living in a rural area means needing a vehicle. It might open your eyes. Financing it will be the greatest social battle the world has ever seen. The vast majority of people will recognize the value and your diesel will become a specialty item that costs 5x what it does now.

People love their access We live on a 3, acre ranch. The point is that change can, and does, happen fast and unforeseen.

Horses provided independency and were replaced by much greater independency — the auto. Have any of these pasty faced, pencil necked, pinheads ever ventured outside the city?