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I am not sure if they are transparent, but if they are not, you could buy the ones for the Intuos3 and tape them on. You can trace your artwork by placing it over your tablet an drawing directly over it. With multiple displays you have to map the tablet surface proportionally and end up loosing some active area and, consequently, resolution. Nice review, with more practical information than is found elsewhere. I usually don’t put a lot of pressure on the pen while working, preferring a lighter touch and more sensitive pen tip. Wacom Intuos is designed to make your creative process hassle-free. For vector illustrations, the extra area is not needed, as we always zoom in and out while working.

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I used to do it the traditional way The CTH 13″ overall product is actually a lot bigger wacom intuos ptk-640 the one I used at work 9″so I’ll most likely go with this one if it’s more bang for the buck.

If you want to draw freehand using the tablet or use a program wacom intuos ptk-640 simulate natural media, like Corel Painter or even Photoshop, you’d be better served by the Intuos line.

wacom intuos ptk-640 The laptop I have at home though is a Macbook Pro 15″ I think you’ll be fine with the small model. I also use cloning intuod healing which needs an “option-click” that demands I go back to my keyboard, and my apple magic track pad can’t do that. Your MacBook has a high resolution display, retina in Apple’s jargon, but those extra pixels are not used directly in a wacom intuos ptk-640 to one grid, but instead wacom intuos ptk-640 two times to allow for a higher level of detail while interface elements keep their relative size.

And sorry for my wrong grammar since English is not my first language. Does Wacom make a heavier pen that I could purchase?

After one year of use, I see almost wacom intuos ptk-640 wcaom on it and just a few hairline scratches, while my Intuos4 had very wacom intuos ptk-640 wear at about the same age.

Hi, I am wacom intuos ptk-640 in Photo retouching. Don’t be disappointed by the size. Placing it on the keyboard left side will definitely help with the seating position. Fabio – thank you for the detailed reply. You seem to suggest that it would, but find your answer more an educated guess than direct experience. I would just like to add that by creating a new layer in the graphics program, the original drawing and the traced new layer are completely separate images, one on top of the other.

Donna, the Bamboo Create, model CTH, is the only model in the Bamboo line that has a medium sized ptk-6440 area – 8. Also with drawing a selection with the lasso tool, the line wanders. Which brings me to something that I have never found an answer for. Thank you for your answer now im more secure, i’ll go with the bamboo wacom intuos ptk-640 and lets see how it goes: I don’t draw long lines, but I don’t want to upgrade after a while from S or pen-touch.

I’m using 17″ display and resolution x if that’s relevant.

You’d have to work in small pieces and then stitch them together in Illustrator. I’m a traditional artist trying hard to transition to digital, but I really don’t have the money to try something and then upgrade, which is wacom intuos ptk-640 I want something that is suitable for what I want it to do cartoons, sketches, editing stop motion animation frames, etc.

It depends mostly on your display size. I was puzzled about this since reading that the Intuos3 have removable plastic sheets wacom intuos ptk-640 place the drawing under, but this model has been discontinued.

Connect, Splash and Capture. They’re capable models, but I’d recommend you to spend a little more, if possible, and intos a Bamboo Create. The Fun model seems to have a wacom intuos ptk-640 sensitive eraser, but I’m not sure about the Create. There are three settings for tilt on Wacom’s control panel: On top of that, the professional pyk-640 is better built and should last longer under intense usage.

This is the same kit used on the previous Bamboo models. The ring function is really handy when I rotate the canvass while sketching. The Intuos is more wacom intuos ptk-640, has better resolution, more accessories and tilt support on the pen.

There was a lot I didn’t know. Both will give you roughly the wacoom wacom intuos ptk-640, while having difference work area sizes. They are writing intuoe wacom intuos ptk-640 clearly getting good results even though they are lifting the wacpm and putting it down quickly. Thank you for your nice words. I’ve shopped around for alternate brands, but see nothing as good as Wacom. Thanks so much for such a detailed review and comparison and for all your time in dealing with these queries!

Or should i just bite bullet and go for 24HD touch? I think a small model would be suited for this use.

People first! That’s our motto at Customer Support | Wacom Asia Pacific Customer Support

My previous Intuos 4 was bought directly from them when I was in Italy. The tilt control is useful only when you’re trying to mimic traditional media techniques and only in programs that allow you to wacom intuos ptk-640 the tilt to the brush shape or any other dynamicslike Adobe Photoshop and Corel Painter.

We’re here qacom answer your questions and resolve any problems you may have. I wanna buy a wacom tablet to fit those 2 things. By the way, the chart wacom intuos ptk-640 have the Bamboo Create on it yet. I devised a small test here to help inhuos with this question.


She mainly wacom intuos ptk-640 Copic markers, pencil and some colored pencils on paper. Didn’t even think of that. If you’re on a really tight budget, buy the Bamboo Create to get the hang of using a tablet and sell it on eBay later, if you wacoj the need for a larger working surface. Price needs to lntuos reasonable, but is not the most important factor here, as my organisation is buying for me and I think they can stretch to the Intuos 5.

Ofc If I could, I’d buy the wacom intuos ptk-640 Do you think pro model is really worth the extra money? I’m totally happy with the size of the tablet on a 27 inches screen.